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A-Frame & Bollard Signs

A-Frame & Bollard Signs
"Deluxe" Metal Sheet A-Frame Set
Turn heads with the Deluxe Metal Sheet A-Frame Set
"Deluxe" Metal Sheet Curved A-Frame Set
“Deluxe” Metal Sheet Curved A-Frame Set
"Standard" Corflute Insert A-Frame Set
Slide in your signs with the Standard Corflute Insert A-Frame Set
"Standard" Corflute Insert Hardware
“Standard” Corflute Insert Hardware
"Standard" Metal Sheet A-Frame Set
Sleek signage made with durable metal
Super Saver - Corflute Insert Wire A-Frame Set
Super Saver – Corflute Insert Wire A-Frame Set
Bollard Signs
Bollard Signs



Any seasoned marketing professional knows that an A-frame is to advertising what a hammer is to a toolbox – fundamental and essential! 
A-Frame sets are a practical and indoor and outdoor print marketing tool that stand out in in high foot traffic areas such as the entrance/exits of establishments. Their above-average canvas size lets you highlight your brand’s message and graphics and draw in the eyes of passers-by.
Here at Northside Print, we offer A-frames sets with corflute or metal sheet faces, including standard, square-shaped frames or our deluxe curved A-frame set for a dramatic, 3D effect.
Our A-Frame sets come in 2 main types:

1.    The Insert A-Frame set: includes easily interchangeable corflute inserts so you can change your signs to set the ambience and display your most important info, whether it be the deals of the day or seasonal offer 

2.    The Deluxe Metal Sheet A-Frame set: our sturdiest option featuring detachable metal sheet faces made of durable white colorbond and printed with UV technology, ideal for outdoors and will weather a storm

Both sets provide a professional canvas for your brand graphics that gives them the definition they deserve.
For corflutes, we print direct onto a 3-year monomeric vinyl, which is then applied to the corflute. For metal sheet faces made of white colourbond, we use state-of-the-art UV printing technology. 
Our A-frames come in 2 standard sizes, small (600x900mm) or large (900x1200mm), but their size makes no difference to their portability. At 11kg, our lightweight option can be lifted and moved at your convenience while our larger sized frames come with wheels for easy transport. 
Perfect for restaurants, hotels, retail and other industries with seasonal promotions and specials, our A-frames come with easy insert and change-over mechanisms that allow you to display whatever the day calls for. 

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